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Word drag heels with red bottoms to wear to wear, lazy fashion is necessary!

Want to sandwiched sandals out of the louboutin heels fashionable feeling, first of all we have to pick the style. Why do some people think that slippers are not advanced? The main reason is because the texture of the slippers are not how to. So first of all, we can be decorated with metal decorative style to enhance the texture of slippers. Secondly, with a printed dress, it is important to remember the combination of colors. If you are wearing a more orthodox dress, with the sandals to the sand is also relatively correct. Mainly through the selection of champagne style, and the selection is not so cool christian louboutin shoes sale as the slippers to achieve. Such as multi-strap sandals, or ankle on the ankle style. To ask how to drag the characters into a formal sense of breath, many people certainly immediately fainted. In fact, the method is very simple, that is, pick the color, matching color, after all, the character is still very uniform style. The word drag itself is partial neutral style, but if you wear pants christian louboutin for men wear will become too masculine.

Choose a pair of heels and toes are not exposed to the outside of the word drag. Because the flip and other shoes are not the same, big points can be worn in, but in fact does not fit your feet. Too big and loose people will not drag the foot with the foot, walking has become a very painful thing. Choose a pair of people can only bend in front of the word drag. The word drag the thrown have to throw. Do not wait until the old man is dragging the tape or the soles are not torn and replaced, because a pair of people without lines are easier to let you fall than ordinary shoes.