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V shoes full of women's elegance and temperament

V shoes, this year, whether it is louboutin sale the big show on the show, or street shooting in the big coffee, we can see the traces of V shoes. Compared to the shallow mouth or flat mouth of the shoes, V mouth design is not only more elegant temperament, but also from the visual elongated leg ratio, appears ankle more slender sultry. Not hurry to start a pair? Shoe cabinet must have a pair of V shoes. V shoes from the visual point of view the most stretch the legs of the proportion of lines, and appears to show good looks, but also comes with elegant intellectual feminine. From last year's autumn and winter to this year's spring and summer street shooting in the V-shoe appearance is also very high, with a variety of fashionable and beautiful, but also build a good body. Today we come to see what these fashionable fine wear V shoes it! A simple pants with a foot loop design, and instantly become fashionable, like a very young bodybuilding pants, carrying retro feelings.

Wide leg pants do not pick the legs do not pick people, red red sole heels V shoes is very eye-catching, and khaki wide leg pants with the complement each other to attract the eye, but retain the knowledge of the temperament. Red V shoes and red bags echo each other, with the phase complement each other. Cone pants break the feminine, with a little neutral tone of the tone. So with V mouth flat shoes is more appropriate, but also with a handsome black and white low-key. V shoes with jeans to wear, the christian louboutin red bottoms body with the free and red sole shoes easy leisure tannin because V shoes to join, a little more elegant feminine. Style mix and match with the color of the collision is the most eye-catching, for you pocketed the same time the trend can not lose points. Dark blue coat with light blue jeans, blue and blue to create a sense of hierarchy, coupled with a pair of flat V mouth Muller shoes, and instantly become fashionable temperament, long legs beauty must Oh. V mouth of the cat with the Mu Le shoes let you walk like a cat as elegant and temperament, and even take a jeans together is the most fashionable wear this year, let me tell you not Oh