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Teach you 4 to wear a good sandals, look good and not hurt!

One to the summer, all kinds of female sandals have listed. Women wear nice sandals and become a beautiful landscape of the city. But the sandals do not wear dangerous, easy to cause toe joints, forefoot, heel head cocoon, but also easy to cause dysmenorrhea, or even increase the risk of skin cancer. So, how do you wear sandals in summer? 4 teach you to wear good women sandals. Put on a pair of suitable high-heeled sandals, not only to show the legs beautiful curve, but also increase the maturity of a woman's charm. According to foreign researchers found that often wear a high degree of appropriate high heels, as in the soles of the feet from an artificial arch, can make the muscles inside the legs more solid, not only to prevent muscle and joint damage, reduce the fatigue of walking, but also So that the body to keep straight, add body beauty. However, experts also reminded that the height of the heel is limited to 2-3 cm the most appropriate, too high or both sides of the heel is not the same high will damage the health.

Some women like to wear high and narrow sandals, that less than 1 square centimeter of the narrow surface, others could not help but want to worry about them. Experts suggest that the selection of high heels when the election is too narrow with the surface. In all the sprains, the most is the ankle sprain, also called Wei feet. Wearing high heels is a big cause of Wei feet, when the toe down when the shoes, the most unstable ankle. Once Wei feet, ligaments will have different degrees of damage, tear ligaments will become loose, elongated, if not timely treatment, then the ligament in the loose position to re-long, it is easy to lead to habitual Wei feet, gradually Development of traumatic arthritis In recent years, the market launched a number of fashionable cool slippers, there are high-heeled, there are two toes, there are thin band wrapped around the five toes. According to British surgeons found that wearing cool slippers, especially high-heeled cold slippers, will lead to calf muscles were stretched violently, but also make Achilles tendon fatigue damage. The sandals on the toes will hurt the health of the people, because the shoes will make the shoes to walk when the lack of support, their toes will slowly curled up into a claw type. Experts recommend that cool slippers can go to the beach to play when the other time the best time to choose their own feet with a louboutin shoes pair of heels or shoelaces with shoelaces, try not to help not to help the toes and feet of the shoes, such as foot shoes With the kind of thin and thin.

Summer is often barefoot wearing sandals. Experts pointed out that barefoot wearing sandals, is not conducive to the health of the feet. In the hot weather, people's feet are easy to sweat, do not wear socks directly red bottom shoes christian louboutin shoes to the shoes, make the feet of the skin soaked directly in the sweat. If you wear is not good air sandals, plastic sandals, easily lead to foot fungal infection and other foot disease. Wearing a sandals is also easy to make people suffering from sandals dermatitis, because many of the cool slippers are made of chemical substances, the skin has a certain irritation, allergies are easy to contact after the skin redness, erosion or blisters and other symptoms The Therefore, try not to wear sandals, especially skin allergies, do not make the skin and cold sandals christian louboutin sneakers for a long time direct contact. Hot days, you can choose a little thin cotton socks to facilitate sweat, if necessary, cotton mats pad.