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Striped buckle sandals, so that your feet more beautiful and moving

Spring and summer is the season Remove the dark and heavy winter clothes, wear thin and beautiful spring, if you can reveal a pair of long and thin legs, you louboutin shoes sale are definitely the most beautiful spring and summer scenery. All women want to have a pair of long legs, but most people are about 160 tall, regardless of the length of the legs. How to do? Congenital deficiency can only rely on the day after tomorrow to make up. Relying on clothes to modify the body, according to the proportion with the re-fixed, there is a way to choose a pair of suitable shoes, stretching the length of the length of the legs. High heels, pointed shoes can stretch the length of the length of the legs, this is almost the earth people know the fact. But most do not know, there is a sandals in the long legs to be more advantages. That is, with a word buckle sandals. This shoe is this year's hot shoes, by Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, Zhou red sole shoes Dongyu and many other women's pursuit of entertainment. In the past fashion week, a lot of models are wearing a star wearing a red carpet.

Striped buckle sandals, the biggest feature is the foot from the point of view, the whole shoe only two slender and straight belt, one around the ankle, one is at the toes. Shoes so that the skin area of ??the skin exposed to the maximum, from the visual effects that the feet and legs into one, greatly stretched the legs lines, legs are particularly long. Casually flip the entertainment star star photos, street photography, and even show field map, can see this shoe figure. Female stars are selected mostly fine high-heel models, with a high-heeled band, so that the legs louboutin shoes more slender lines For a lot of height in the 160 or so ordinary women, with high in five or six centimeters of the shoes can not meet their own big legs, big high desire, so had to rely on waterproof, christian louboutin for men ultra-high and other design.

It is not control high heels, and want to have long legs of women can also choose a lower rough with the style. In the low-heeled shoes are also to a certain extent, stretching the leg lines, rough with the design and let the walk without pressure. More fashionable master to give up the black, red hot color, choose nude color. Because they know that nude color also has the role of stretching the legs line. Strong on the strengthening, 160 tall with 1 m long legs will not be myth.