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Spring to buy the louboutin shoes first pair of shoes, you buy it?

Looking at the recent weather getting better and better, is not unable to control their own want to run out of Sahuan it? Ah is also Xiaobian has not control their own, but for Xiaobian, now is everything is ready to only pay the wind ... ... yes yes! Sent a pair of comfortable and nice shoes ~ off the winter heavy snow boots and Martin boots, it is time to pick a pair of shoes suitable for this season out of play. Simple design, not doping any fancy decoration, regardless of the stars or influx of people love it to not, fire over the fashion circle for so long is not no reason. But it has a hint of the shortcomings that it is more difficult to wash, so here Xiaobian like Amway a clear small white shoes of the secret, when washing with a toothpaste plus a small brush to wash, dry time to want to extra Dry water, which is conducive to stabilize its shoes, it is best to use toilet paper to fill the shoes, naturally dry, to avoid direct sunlight. Version of the exquisite pair of small white shoes, car line work and details of the deal are done with the price of the shoes much better, do not wear what foot wear, flexibility is good, sheepskin material with how you ravaged are not easy to deformation , Such a pair of small white shoes you deserve to have.

Unique type of style, the upper part of the metal buckle is very eye-catching Oh, if you want to point is not the same as he must be comfortable ~ not christian louboutin for men comfortable feet, breathable, not smelly feet shoes. Mature full of feminine patent leather red, feet very white feet. Double-layer buckle retro charm is more strong, but also to modify your instep, even if the feet slightly wide sister can rest assured that wearing. Side with the temperament will not tired feet, whether it is with a skirt or casual pants will be a color. Matte texture, looks more advanced sense is not it? Cross-style strap more sexy, very spring breath of a pair of shoes, sweet girl feeling, the first layer of pig skin fabric wearing comfortable comfort. All occasions can hold Oh ~ I have seen the play of the drama of the sister who have seen such a scene, no shoes with red soles matter how bright and bright outside the strong woman, to the office or informal occasions from her big bag will take out a pair of comfort Of the Peas shoes put on. So high heels no matter how beautiful sexy, only comfortable Peas shoes is the most popular, IKEA IKEA ~

If you take the literary route, then this pair of shoes you will love! It is the biggest feature is very soft, light on the inside, the inner layer of leather fiber layer is breathable, put it will not have the problem of grinding feet, it will not boring beriberi. Suitable for everyday wear a Peas shoes, you can match pants, skirt naturally mention, still hold live. Light and comfortable, I believe that through the sister to know that this pair of shoes is good, do not need too much talk. Speaking of Oxford shoes, we are not thinking of the Bullock shoes? And sometimes even the two silly do not know clearly? In fact, Bulk shoes is not the classification of shoes, Bullock shoes is carved hollow, and by the leather stitching, splicing boundaries for the distance between the shoes, is a christian louboutin outlet decorative arts collectively!

Leather Oxford shoes, texture stronger than the general Oxford shoes. Soft end is not tired foot wear it is the biggest advantage, but also our greatest appeal is not it? Yan value naturally is not to say that a shoe, its comfort is commendable, thick college wind ~ do not tie the style, wear more convenient, more casual style, with the effect of skirt look good The Feet loose, not pressure feet, even if your feet wide and no relationship, so wear Oh ~