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Pointed flat shoes, unlock the early autumn street fashion look

Wearing a small white shoes? Tired of sports shoes? Want to change the style, it may wish to try these so many sister paper heart of the pointed flat shoes it. Absolutely let you jump out of the traditional wear of the ordinary temperament, no matter what dress, can be fashionable effortlessly. Pointed shoes, as the name suggests, pointed toe design modern eye-catching, very stylish temperament, but also has a sharp sense of sharpness, put it, not only fashionable index soared, even the overall shape of the temperament are more Sub-class and recklessness. And coupled with the real wear red bottom heels of flat shoes, no matter how far, can make the feet did not feel tired. Therefore, this fall, my sister came on a pair of accurate! red sole shoes It has its delicate, because it has its beauty! This pointed flat shoes for the sister who is definitely driving the artifacts of the car! The whole shoe super soft, the first layer of leather, upper polish craft, even more unique charm. Simple pointed design, full of personality, filling the urban fashion temperament. The biggest feature of pointed shoes is how to think how beautiful the United States. Gentle texture of the silk face with colored diamond buckle, coupled with the feminine tip, both the full of women's gentle and gorgeous, nor the lack of girls shy cute. From London carved craft, Brooke-style exquisite carved, full of retro christian louboutin outlet red bottom shoes for women romantic atmosphere, with simple and smooth design subtle embellishment has become the finishing touch, so pointed design, more a bit soft temperament, And breathable full.

Pointed flat shoes can not only slender feet, but also to make the whole body looks slender slender, suede material on the basis of adding stars decorated elegant and yet feminine, line embroidery just the details of the embellishment, but also for the overall shape of the added A bright spot. Flat shoes to ensure the comfort of the shoes, sunny also allows you to mix with different styles. Pointed sexy charming, but also a good highlight of a woman's tough and capable. In the selection of materials is more intentions: the first layer of leather to help face, sheepskin pad feet, pigskin inside! Uppers on the three metal wind buckle, is simply handsome to no friends, for the overall shape to increase the tidal temperament!