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Every time you take off your shoes are embarrassing? Send you a few deodorant tips

Some people, although the appearance of handsome / beautiful, but a take off shoes smell scary! But no wonder you, the summer feet are easy to sweat or stuffy in the shoes, the taste can not do it ... ... first you have to find the reasons for shoe smell, check the insole is not wet or broken, or because the shoes too Airtight, try to cl shoes put the shoes in a dry louboutin red sole shoes sale place, there is a need to buy antibacterial insoles and deodorant socks try. If the shoes are really stinky, please you hard to wash a little shoe, of course, different shoes are different washing method before going to sleep can be used with cotton balls or cloth head a little alcohol, evenly wiped in the shoes ( Do not overdose), and so the next morning can be worn after drying, probably insist on two weeks after your shoes will not smell it!

Will be a small amount of soda powder sprinkled into the shoes, christian louboutin sale so quietly in it to be a night to absorb moisture and smell, the next day there is no smell, but remember to wear the powder when the powder! Or walking while walking off the powder if you have the habit of drinking tea so do not drink tea pack! It is also a strong deodorant force, finish to help it wash white and then dry, a free put it into the shoe, over time will gradually eliminate the taste. Eat orange peel, lemon peel is also a good helper, pinch into small pieces into the shoes instead of deodorant package used, peel will be distributed natural fragrance, put a taste will improve the night, shoes smell (^ _ ^) / ~ ~ Goodbye

What if the situation is so urgent? The You can buy a bottle of deodorant aromatic sprays, tb there are many, but this method palliative ah Soap is the same effect, those who use the debris only pieces of soap into the shoes can be in addition to taste, shoe can also put a piece!