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Every day running fitness, your shoes wear it?

Running, walking is a very popular sport. But running, fitness walking just walked two legs bolted, mad away like it? In fact, not, different sports, it should wear the appropriate sports shoes. Many friends will be free to wear a pair of integrated training shoes, basketball shoes, and even canvas shoes, casual shoes ... ... went to run, in fact, this is a very dangerous behavior. Wear the wrong shoes running fitness, the feet of the pressure is standing several times, wearing the wrong shoes movement, feet more easily injured. In addition to foot blistering, inflammation, but also cause swelling of the toes joints, gradually evolved into the foot joint deformation. If you do not pay attention, it will bring heel pain and spur and arch pain phenomenon. Running shoes is not to let you run faster, but to let you run when not injured. This is the meaning of running shoes. In general, running shoes running 240 km, the shoes will be the end of wear and tear, performance is reduced; wearing 500 km to 800 km, outsole wear will be more than 40%. Assuming you run 10 kilometers christian louboutin sale a day, run 3 days a week, run around 120 km, then six months or so you should consider changing a running shoes. If you wait until the soles of rubber are grinding, red sole shoes but also wear to run, in addition to not help to help stabilize the gait, but also increase the chance of injury.

Choose the running shoes, the most important first step is to first have a judgment on their feet, and then determine the appropriate shoe type. Different foot type, also corresponds to different gait. Often foot-type people walking or running, are the rear of the soles of the feet first to the ground, and then to the middle of the palm of your hand pedal force. This is a normal internal rotation of the soles of the feet, can also be called neutral gait. Outside the foot of the people in the soles of the feet when the back of the palm of the head first to the ground, but the soles of the soles of the internal rotation, forefoot lateral force, so need more "buffer" and "shock" performance. Inversion of the foot type of people walking or running, is the back of the palm of the first side of the ground, the foot over the internal rotation, resulting in the forefoot inside the force pedal, and thus need to run red bottom shoes for men on the inside to provide a certain "support" and "stability." Therefore, different foot type of people according heels with red bottoms to their own characteristics to choose their own running shoes, so as to make the exercise more meaningful this sport.