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Dress with what shoes look good? Learn that you are invincible

Long dress with what shoes look good? Milan Fashion Week, for us to offer a wonderful show at the same time, but also harvest christian louboutin shoes sale a lot of charm dress LOOK, the small series to talk about the long skirt to play a good cp shoes should be What should be used to look good? Come to learn it! To say what dress with a good skirt? First, we must pick the skirt, you want to wear beauty cents, a lace dress can easily get. White lace dress so that you can become a focus in the crowd, but also with other colors and christian louboutin heels a single product is also very easy to combine, as shown in the figure not only and light-colored jacket combination of fresh and refreshing taste, , Even more fashionable temperament. Early spring of the climate need a knitted dress, and hold live bright red waiting for people for your side of it! Red dress in addition to with wild color, the silver high heels is also a good choice, this way is fashionable all There is.

Semi-long skirt elegant in no way inferior to the long skirt, but also with the composition of the different cp, modified body type is very good. As shown in the figure louboutin shoes on the use of checkered semi-long skirt and short coat combination, so that the legs were significantly stretched, matched with the increase in the loose shoes, short MM also immediately have long legs. Hold live skirt MM body is generally not bad, fleshy women do not try. In addition to playing sexy, like people up to this with the British shoes, occasionally rate once, will show a different kind of charm. Splicing paint color elements so popular, in the selection of long skirt style, of course, can not let go. The picture with blue and green black color of the dress, fresh and stylish, with a wedge heel shoes, leg visual sense was stretched, a little more sexy taste. Although this is not really wear type, but also can be found from the fashionable inspiration, such as the current popular tassels, fight color, splicing elements, or with a strong sense of design shoes, to add fashion for the red bottom shoes for men mix. Light apricot can not only bring visual comfort, and very significant senior, with handsome fashionable boots, full of queen gas field.