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  • Leading the trend of several boots, to ensure that next year can wear

    Cold weather, light cloth shoes and ankle shoes should also close up, so stylish and warm little boots out to see the sun. There are many styles of boots, how to choose, how to take enough dazzling, I believe that many fairy little doubt. To be honest, boots are still more picky, if you buy, with inappropriate, red bottom shoes for women it will appear short legs and rent. In the choice of shoes, try to pick the tip, the boots a little thinner, it is best to have a little V-shaped, christian louboutin stretching the legs can be visually. With skirt pants can be, remember the length of the pants in the boots slightly upward position Oh well. Most girls in the shoe, will be equipped with a pair of Martin louboutin heels boots, after all, the girls also have uninhibited side, eager to dress up into the trendy style. Martin shoes more sophisticated shoes, winter will be added inside the velvet fabric, careful girls need to feel it by hand, the texture is not delicate and comfortable, to avoid the phenomenon of hair loss. And feet have to feel carefully, will not feel oppressed. The design of shoes is very simple, without too much decoration, but also does not look very old fashioned, easy to zip off the way to wear off, followed by a height of three centimeters, but also a very comfortable height. Wearing it shopping christian louboutin travel no problem. Shoes are the kind of heel, after wearing can not only increase the height but not particularly tired, comfortable and stable without burden. Toe design is very delicate, very lady temperament.

    Each girl should have double knee boots. Knee boots are stylish boots, although not every girl's legs are thin and long, but you wear knee boots will appear leg length ah, but also one of the benefits is very warm!

    2018-02-10 10:29:43
  • Good with clothes, shoes is the key point

    Today christian louboutin outlet again to talk to those who talk shoes that those things, whether you believe it or not, the shoes have always been the christian louboutin shoes sale protagonist of fashion, although only a small stay at the foot, but with your tolerance, style and taste are closely related. You can not have a handsome face, but certainly not without a pair of nice shoes, Xiao Bian today will use a lot of different shoes to christian louboutin sale bomb your line of sight! Classic Nordic style coupled with wearing college style can be full of temperament, longevity effect Bang Bang, and exquisite compact Xue Hyun modified the effect of the foot well, wearing lightweight and comfortable, for boys like simple style Such a great shoes, but also wear too late! Sailboat shoes is a classic British style casual shoes, has been popular sister a hundred years of history! This type of shoe can always be revealed lazy and elegant sense of such shoes at any time, any occasion with any clothes can be, slightly darker colors seem very mature and stable! Bullock is one of the representatives of the British gentleman shoes, after the modified last type added a trace of nature, with the unique British sophistication and elegance, so the shoes look very wild. But also introduced a special cashmere models, so you can play in the cold winter too handsome!

    With a strong gas field in Europe and the United States style tooling boots can be more than just the choice of old male bacon, in fact, the small flesh of fire are also on the style of love, low to help version with a bright blue jeans, fresh And steady two temperament freely switch, enough to attract her attention. Desert Boots is Xiaobian most beloved winter shoes, lightweight feet and other snow boots are not the same, smooth and elegant lines farewell rigid, not only added to the affinity, but louboutin sale also the modification of the calf line to create a one-eight Big leggy effect, put it on the road of advanced god!

    2018-02-08 10:14:41
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